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At A Plus Dental we also work hard to stay on the cutting-edge of technology that offer our patients state-of-the-art treatments. Many of these treatments allow us to offer you new and less invasive procedures to help keep you and your family's smiles healthy for a very long time.
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The way to repair the periodontal damages is to get rid of the infection and close up the pockets. Until now, that meant gum Flap surgery and sutures. But today, we offer Laser Assisted New Attachment Protocol (LANAP™), a patient-friendly, minimally-invasive procedure that offers a great improvement over standard gum surgery. For additional Information, please check


We take saving teeth very seriously. If you want to keep your teeth, we are here to help. Many of our patients come from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico. Our goal is to help.

  • LANAP™ is about as easy as erasing a blackboard — there’s no cutting and no suturing.
  • There's much less discomfort with LASER PERIODONTAL THERAPY™ than with standard surgery -- during and after the procedure.
  • It takes less time than traditional surgery. All it takes is two 2-hour visits to the dentist and two follow up visits. Traditional surgery requires four sessions of about one hour each, with subsequent visits for suture removal and additional check-ups.
  • LANAP™ gives better, longer-lasting results. In fact, 98% of LANAP™ treated patients remain stable after five years, while only 5% reportedly remain stable after surgery.
  • We recommend a soft diet for a day or two, and common sense should prevail, but in most cases, patients feel good enough to eat anything they want right after the procedure.
  • Following traditional surgery, recovery can take between to 2-4 weeks during which patients can experience considerable pain and swelling, where they may be restricted to liquid or soft diets.
  • There's less than 24 hour recovery period, so you won't lose time from work.
  • LASER PERIODONTAL THERAPY™ is safe for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, or those taking medications such as Coumadin or Cyclosporine


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